Cyprus Association for Person-Centered
Psychotherapy and Counseling


The training and/or further training regulations of the Cyprus Association for

Person Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling

Introduction :

All regular members of the Cyprus Association for Person-Centered Psychotherapy and

Counselling are holders of the Diploma in Client-Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling

awarded by the Czech Institute for Person-Centered Approach operating in Brno, the Czech

Republic. This programme is accredited for the health sector by the Association for

Psychotherapy, Counselling and the Person-Centered Approach (CR) and the Czech Medical


The Czech Institute for the Person-Centered Approach was formed by Dr. Οldrich Tegze, Prof.

Michaela Buck, PhD and Dr. David P. Buck to meet the need for professional training in

Counselling and Psychotherapy and to provide opportunities for people to experience the PCA

directly, incorporating its philosophy and "way of being" into their own personal lives.

The aim of the programme is to offer a comprehensive, professional training in Client-Centered

Counselling and Psychotherapy, and or wider applications of the Person-Centered Approach.

This aim will be reached when, by the end of the programme, participants have developed and

can demonstrate those personal qualities and professional skills required to be competent in the

Person-Centered Approach and, are perceived by others to be competent.

The staff of the Czech Institute for Person-Centered Approach is widely experienced and

qualified, drawn from the world of Psychotherapy, Counselling as well as Psychology and includes accredited psychotherapists, who trained and worked with Carl Rogers in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Our trainers from the Czech Institute for Person-Centered Approach are:

(a) David P. Buck, PhD., Director of the International Team

Mr Buck is a senior accredited psychotherapist and counsellor. He was a founder of the Institute for Person-Centered Learning (UK), Director of the Redbridge Counselling Centre (UK), a founder member of the European Association of Counsellors and a founder member of the Greek Association for Counsellors. He is currently Director and the Chief of Staff of the Czech Institute for the Person-Centered Approach. David Buck has facilitated training programmes in Europe including England, France, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Holland and Belgium. He has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Georgia (USA), the University of South Carolina (USA), the University of San Paulo (Brazil), West Georgia College and Weald College (UK) where he was the external examiner on behalf of the University of Middlesex. David Buck was trained and worked with Carl Rogers as a member of his team for 10 years. David was the founder and the Director of the Intercollege Counselling Centre (Cyprus) for 5 years.

(b) Professor, Dr Michaela Buck, PhD, Director of the Training Program

Michaela Buck was an Associate Professor at the University of Nicosia, in the Republic of Cyprus. She served as the Head of the Social Sciences Department. Michaela is a psychologist and a psychotherapist. She is currently co-director of the Czech Institute for the Person-Centered Approach, and academic director of international programmes. She has facilitated training programmes in Europe including Germany, England, Holland, Greece, Cyprus, the Czech and the Slovak Republic. She has been a professor and visiting professor at the University of Indianapolis in Athens, Greece, at the University of North Carolina, USA, West Georgia College, USA, Universitas Commeniana in Slovakia, Universitas Masarykiana, Czech Republic. Additionally, Michaela is the author of several books and numerous scholarly publications.

(c) PhDr Ulrich Tegze, Director of the Czech Institute for Person-Centered Approach

He completed on-time psychology POOH FF MU Brno in 1976. From 1976- 1988, he

worked as Chief Psychologist in VDI Druteva Brno. He has been in private practice from 1990 until now.

Continuing vocational education :

Group training in counseling and psychotherapy, 1985-1 989.

Client-Centered Counselling and Psychotherapy and applications of PCA, 1990-1993.

Training organized under the auspices of the PCA Institute International (Lugano,

Switzerland) which was founded by Carl Rogers, Alberto Zucconi and Charles Devonshire. The training was linked to the International Institute of Person-Centered Approach. Since 1993, Ulrich Tegze has been the co-facilitator of the training programmes and supervisor from 1998 to CCT and PCA.

Somatic Psychotherapy - Biosynthesis, 1992-1998, qualified psychotherapist.

Professional activities, study visits :

External Teacher: Institute of Psychology, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, from 1998 to-date, Japanese Institute for Biosynthesis (Japan, 2002), Charles University in Bratislava - Department of Psychology (1996-1998), IPPD (GB) 2001 - to-date.

Participation in international conferences: USA (1996), Greece (1995), Brazil (2000),

Japan (2002, 2004), Slovakia, Czech Republic, Nonverbal communication - author,

CPress 2004, translation of A. Lowen: Bioenergetics, Portal 2002, co-author S. Keleman translation: Anatomy of Emotions, Portal 2005, study in USA (2006),

Workshops in Japan (2002, 2004) and the Federal Republic of Germany (2001, 2004).

(d) Professor Jerold Bozarth, is Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia, USA. He is the Scientific Director of the training programme. Jerold is one of the leading theoreticians of Person-Centered Philosophy in the world today. Jerold was a colleague of Rogers for many years. He has published many scholarly articles. He founded the famous annual workshop in Warm Springs Georgia where celebrities in the field of psychology attend regularly.

The Diploma in Client-Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling

The Basic education in Client Centered Counselling and Psychotherapy (PCA) includes a

minimum guaranteed number of 1020 hours. These hours were divided into hours of theory and

practical training, therapeutic work under direct supervision, and individual psychotherapy.

A graduate of the basic training program is prepared to work independently. The Learning Plan

of the basic training program encompasses:

1. A total of 650 hours of direct work facilitated by facilitators in the form of the 7 days

intensives and weekend meetings. During these hours, the trainee participates in:

- Experiential work in large and small groups

- Training of therapeutic skills

- Supervision of his/her own therapeutic work and an active participation in the

supervision of the other group participants

- Learning the theory of the approach

- Participation in lectures and discussions

2. Minimum of 300 hours of individual preparation and independent studying which


- Mandatory individual work with clients

- Writing final thesis

- Studying compulsory and recommended reading

3. Minimum of 70 hours of individual psychotherapy and out of the training programme


The award of the final Diploma of the Czech Institute for Person-Centered Approach includes

the completion of the independent supervision block of the training programme consisting of 120


The Cyprus Association for Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Counselling (CAPCPC)

encourages its members, both regular and associate, to participate in lectures, seminars and

workshops which are offered in Cyprus and abroad so as to enrich their knowledge and sharpen

their skills. It is to be noted that members are advised to give priority to further education that

focuses on the Person-Centered Approach. Also, the CAPCPC advises its members to take

advantage of opportunities that arise in order to gain an insight of other approaches as well.

Additionally, the Governing Board of the CAPCPC aims at producing its own in-house further

training programme which will entail seminars, lectures and workshops run by eminent

professionals in the field who, we hope, will accept our invitation, to carry out further training

on the island. As well, members of the Governing Board of our Associat ion will constitute part

of the local team which will be promulgating the further training programme.

Apart from the above, it is to be noted that CAPCPC members belong to various overseas

professional bodies which publish their own journals and other publications which they receive

at frequent intervals. These journals enable the CAPCPC members to keep up-to-date with what

is happening in the field of psychotherapy and counselling overseas , primarily in Europe. It is

worth mentioning that all the members of the Governing Board are members of the British

Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

In Cyprus, there is currently no law that regulates the practice of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

However, discussions, aiming at tabling a lawbill with the House of Representatives, have been

initiated by the Ministry of Health. Last week, the first meeting with all interested stakeholders

took place at the above Ministry. The CAPCPC participates in these discussions which, are

ongoing, through a single representative. Our position is that the practice of Psychotherapy and

Counselling must be treated as an independent profession and must not be linked to the practice

of psychology which is a profession regulated by law since 1995.